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Updated: Nov 3

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Unveiling the Horizon of Internet Governance

Welcome to the magnificent world of Larus Foundation, where the future of the Internet unravels before your very eyes. Behold the empowerment of the digital generation as we bridge dreams and reality, nurturing public engagement in Internet policy development. Our Fellowship Program serves as a guiding North Star, enabling students and young leaders to actively participate in Internet governance through policy-making forums and conferences organized by prestigious Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). Partnering with Larus Foundation ignites positive change, connecting your brand with an esteemed nonprofit that embraces youth to change the world. Our collaborative opportunities encompass Internship Collaboration, Internet Governance Training & Workshops Collaboration, and Event Sponsorship. Together, we script a narrative where the digital generation architects a fair and accessible Internet for all. Embrace this incredible journey with us as we soar through the boundless skies of the digital realm, leaving a legacy that echoes through the ages. Unite with Larus Foundation to make the Internet a force for good, trailblazing a path of positive change across the virtual landscape.

You can know more about internet education here. A Better Internet, A Better Future. Welcome to Larus Foundation! 🌐🦅

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