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World's No. 1 NGO dedicated to Universal Internet Education.

The Internet is for everyone and everyone has the right to take part in its policy-making and governance. LARUS Foundation strives to help the entire Internet community achieve an empowered digital future. 


Our advocacy goes beyond helping stakeholders.

We believe that the whole Internet community has a stake in how policies are made. 


We aim to educate the Internet community

With the ultimate goal of achieving universal Internet education.

Join Us in Our Advocacy 

Are you a university or non-profit seeking collaboration?


Partnering with LARUS Foundation to make Universal Internet Education a reality. Let's go beyond online discussions: Together, we can take concrete steps to engage students and young leaders in the policies that define the Internet.


Ways to Collaborate:


1. Internship Opportunities

2. Internet Governance Training & Workshops Collaboration

3. Event Sponsorship

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