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World's No. 1 NGO dedicated to Universal Internet Education.

The Internet is for everyone and everyone has the right to take part in its policy-making and  governance. LARUS foundation strives to help the entire Internet community achieve an empowered digital future. 


Our advocacy goes beyond helping stakeholders.

We believe that the whole Internet has a stake in how policies are made. 


We aim to educate the Internet community

With the ultimate goal of achieving universal Internet education.

Join Us in Our Advocacy 

Are you a university or non-profit seeking collaboration?


Partnering with LARUS Foundation to make Universal Internet Education a reality. Let's go beyond online discussions: Together, we can take concrete steps to engage students and young leaders in the policies that define the Internet.


Ways to Collaborate:


1. Internship Opportunities

2. Internet Governance Training & Workshops Collaboration

3. Event Sponsorship

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