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Become Our Volunteer

The Internet is the virtual space shared between you and me.

Let’s work together to make it better!

To be a member of the Foundation, please contact us.


Policy Making

Volunteers will participate in policy-making meetings, take care of related logistics, and push forward policy-making ideas.

Marketing Support

Volunteers will provide support in our marketing works such as promoting the Foundation and the Fellowship Programme. Furthermore, they will help promote the importance of Internet governance and policy-making to the public.

Administrative Work

We need support in the operations of the Foundation. The Foundation must have sufficient manpower

Education & Training

Knowledgeable people are urged to join us to educate the public. This is how we can make Internet governance and policy-making known to the public and motivate them to participate in such work.

Fundraising Support

We are a non-profit-making organization, financial donation is the key to our continued success and contribution to the public. Your participation in our fundraising work is the utmost support to the Foundation.

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