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The Internet is the virtual space that we all share. Let’s work together to make it better. No matter what your talents are, there are volunteer opportunities for you.

Our Volunteer Opportunities

Marketing Support

Marketing is the fastest way to spread awareness of Universal Internet Education. Using marketing tools and strategies, you will be able to reach a global audience who can be a part of our mission.

Fund Raising Support

As a non-profit-making organization, we rely on the help of donations and fund-raising to support our campaigns. Your role in fundraising will provide us with the means to reach more people and support more beneficiaries.

Administrative Work

Our administrative volunteers are the unsung heroes who keep our organization functioning smoothly. We need your skills in doing the nitty-gritty things that are the cohesive blocks of an organization.

Education & Training

Our volunteers in education and training perform the core function of what we do to spread Universal Internet Education. If you are passionate in working with people from diverse backgrounds with different communication styles, this is the right place for you.

Policy Making

Volunteers will participate in policy-making meetings, take care of related logistics, and push forward policy-making ideas.

Join Us in Our Advocacy 

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