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Partners United

Be a partner

The Larus Foundation collaborates closely with universities, non-profit organizations, and other institutions to advance Internet Governance and tackle complex Internet challenges among youth.

Our partners contribute their valuable insights, platforms, venues, volunteer expertise, and in-kind support. They enable us to organize internships, training sessions, and workshops for students worldwide.



You can make a significant impact. Join us by participating in policy-making, advocating policy ideas, promoting the foundation, and supporting our fellowship programs.

Experts and knowledgeable volunteers collaborate to educate and drive awareness about Internet governance and policy matters. Your assistance in securing financial donations is crucial to our ongoing success and public contribution.

Students in Class

 Our Fellowship

The Fellowship Program is dedicated to inspiring young individuals to participate in shaping Internet policies and the future of Internet governance. Through sponsorship, we empower them to engage in various RIR (Regional Internet Registry) meetings and take part in policy-making discussions, contributing to the enhancement of the Internet for generations to come.

Get Involved in:

- Policy-making participation

- Marketing support

- Administrative tasks

- Education and training

Are you a university or a non-profit agency interested in getting involved or partnering with us?


Reach out to us via email at:

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