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Our Mission

"Make Universal Internet Education accessible to all."

The Internet is everywhere in our lives yet very few people are actively involved in how it is governed. As a result, the governance of the Internet falls into the hands of a few. We believe that a free and progressive Internet needs participation from the broader public -- from students to businesses, to people like you.


This is why Universal Internet Education matters. We believe that policies that shape the Internet, which consequently molds our collective lives, should be known to all. We take concrete steps into driving awareness for everyone.

Among our initiatives, we support:

  1. The general public through various educational initiatives

  2. Students, academics, and various professionals who aim to engage in Internet governance by providing them grants and various financial support.

Our financial and mentorship support helps create a better Internet which resonates into the generations to come.

We believe in: - 


Awareness & Education 

The Internet shapes our lives. Consequently, the policies that define the Internet affect us. Yet few people take part in how Internet policies are made. LARUS Foundation aims to change this. We strive to create an Internet community that is educated and proactive through our various educational programs, workshops, and meetings.



We work with local communities, schools, and organizations to spread Universal Internet Education. We provide training and financial support to our beneficiaries to make Internet education accessible to everyone.

The Internet is for Everyone

Take active part in Universal Internet Education.

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