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Helping the entire Internet community achieve an empowered digital future. 

Established in 2018, LARUS foundation is a Hong Kong-based non-profit organization dedicated to helping the world achieve universal Internet education. In today's society where the Internet is deeply embedded into our lives, many people still lack knowledge on Internet policy development. 


As a result, we stand at risk of losing the free and fair Internet that we depend on. LARUS foundation is dedicated to supporting the Internet community to take an active part in Internet governance. 


We empower stakeholders, particularly students and academics, with a working knowledge of Internet governance so they can take part in shaping the Internet. We conduct seminars and support their participation in policy-making forums conducted by Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), with the goal of involving more voices in the molding of the Internet.  


Moreover, we provide expert and technical knowledge on the Internet infrastructure to support continuing education as the Internet evolves.  


Our advocacy goes beyond helping stakeholders.

We aim to educate the Internet community in general, with the ultimate goal of achieving universal Internet education.

We believe that the whole Internet has a stake in how policies are made.

The Internet is for everyone and everyone has the right to take part in its policy-making and governance. 

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